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The Saddle shop

Affordable ways to buy a good quality used saddle

We have been working with The Saddle Shop for a while, this is a lovely business and they are providing a really good service and have a great reputation already.

After years of experience and a unique idea, they are offering a huge selection of used and reconditioned saddles at really affordable prices.

They know that not everyone can afford a brand new saddle, and there are times when a good quality second hand saddle will do.

They buy saddles from all over the country and fully check them for suitability, condition and will only offer saddles that have been fully checked and are suitable for sale. They are of course all treated with the Balmoral Equestrian products to ensure they are fully nourished and protected before they are sent out.

They have a really good website which is easy to use and is well worth a look if you are in the market for a second hand saddle.

Prices start at around £100 per saddle