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Welcome to Balmoral Equestrian

Welcome to Balmoral EquestrianWelcome to Balmoral EquestrianWelcome to Balmoral Equestrian

Professional leather care products, tack restoration and shampoo,  for you and your horse. All Made in the UK

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Balmoral Equestrian

Our Values.

We started the Balmoral Equestrian business with a vision to provide quality horse and equine products and gifts to people who are like us. We both have horses and love nothing more than being at the yard doing the chores and schooling or riding out. We compete in show jumping and dressage, we also go on fun rides and generally like being out in the countryside on our horses.

We like to have nice things for the horses of course, but increasingly, we have had an eye on where the products are coming from and how they are produced. We only work with artisan manufactures to help us provide the best products and gifts for your horse.

We have spent a long time working with our suppliers to ensure they have the same values as we do, all of our products  have a sustainable and organic process in their manufacturing, as well as being made with minimal impact on the environment. We only use UK manufactures and our packaging is sourced from environmentally friendly sources. Please feel free to ask us about our recycling processes and the ingredients that are in our horse products. 

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Our products have been carefully made using only natural ingredients, our packaging is completely recycled and all products are made in the UK


The Balmoral Equestrian Team

Passionate People

We are both professional people with a real passion for horses, the well being of our horses and our customers horses is very important to us. We are based in Worcestershire and we are regularly competing at local events and riding around the hills and lanes at any opportunity. We have Warmblood horses and they are great fun to be around. Felicity was born in the saddle and is very experienced in all aspects of equine care and management and Nigel is a competent and able rider and loves being around horses and can often be heard having conversations with them about anything and everything.

Eye of the Tiger

Our products and our values.

We believe in sourcing our products from local suppliers who share the same vision as us. We will only use recycled packaging for our products and all our products are ethically produced. We always test them ourselves before we offer them for sale. All our products are manufactured in the UK with care and thought towards the environment. Our services are carried out with passion and a respect towards our surroundings. We feel it is vital to respect the countryside, and treat it properly, as we get so much back in return.

Ready for a blast

Yard Visits

We are very happy with our range of horse products and gifts and we will also arrange for yard visits to demonstrate our range. If you would like to have a yard visit please get in touch and we will happily attend and either wash and groom a horse, OR do some tack cleaning using our lovely products. We can discuss how the products work and answer any questions about the ingredients and how to get the best from them. We will also bring along some drinks and snacks !

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Our Products

We believe in using natural products that are only made in the UK, this is to help reduce our carbon hoof print, and support local business where possible, our relationships with our partners is very important to us and we like to be involved in new products to see what actually goes in to them. We are very careful how we pack our products when we post them, and use as little as possible, this is not a cost saving exercise but we are trying to help the environment and reduce the amount of waste created by over packing items. 

Trade memberships and honours.

We are members of the Guild of Leather Craftsmen. It is important for us to be recognised as members of the guild. It shows our commitment to fully understanding our products and their benefits to our customers.

Frequently asked questions

Can you use human shampoo on horses?

Yes you can, but horse shampoo is specifically manufactured to the correct PH balance. Human PH is 5 and horse PH is 7. Human shampoo can remove the oils in your horses coat that are naturally produced. Balmoral shampoos and conditioners are specially designed for your horse and will rinse off your horse better than human shampoo, so much better if your horse has sensitive skin.

Balmoral Leather Colour Revive Cream

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